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In reality, leggings are a really comfortable article of clothing, but it gets a bad rap from some people who consider themselves fashion experts. Usually, the issue they have with it is what people choose to wear with their leggings. This article aims to help you adequately pair your leggings with your other clothes so as to stay fashionable and beautiful.

Leggings are not a recent development and have been around for a very long time. Colors and materials used to make these leggings change from time to time, but this article of clothing can be worn anytime any year.

By the end of this article, those of you with doubts would have had their doubts cleared, and those who are not quite sure what to wear with their leggings will have their questions answered as well.

To begin, we will look at 10 style tips on how you can wear leggings

1.) Your leggings should fit you properly.
2.) Leggings that are dark colored are usually the best.
3.) While wearing leggings, try to keep it classy. You can go for sexy too, however, if that is what works for you.
4.) Pair them with sweaters or tops long enough to cover your backside.
5.) Ensure you wear proper underwear.
6.) Try not to wear them as pants.
7.) No matter the color, your leggings must not be faded.
8.) Avoid bright colored leggings as much as possible except they are like these awesome sailor moon legging.
9.) Do not wear leggings which, for whatever reason, have rips in them.
10.) Avoid wearing leggings with just a tight top and nothing else.

Even greater than those listed above, ensure that if you wear leggings, you are comfortable with them. They are not a compulsory addition to your wardrobe.


I have summarized a few things you should and should not do, and now, I will move on to a few ways you can stylishly wear your leggings.


Wearing leggings and button downs is a classic way if wearing leggings and one of the best ways to look good in them. Depending on the shoes worn, the accessories used and the type of button down, this look can either be casual or even a bit dressy.

The shirt should extend enough to cover your backside. If you are worried about your accentuating your shape, you can always use a belt. The leggings should be classy, to match the classy shirt, and should be dark colored, while the shirt can be a lighter color.


Leggings, large sweaters, and lovely, high boots is a classic look. It will keep you warm in the fall and you will look good at the same time. The contrast with the size of the sweater and the leggings is visually pleasing. If you don't like big cardigans, you could always go for a tee shirt along with a boyfriend cardigan.


Want to look casual and chic? Then pairing your leggings with a chambray shirt is the way to go. You can add a comfortable tee, and finally, put on boots or flats, and you're set. This look is perfect for long trips by road. If you are going to be sitting for a long time, you'll be glad you wore leggings, and depending on the temperature, you have layers to add or remove.


If you want to look a bit dressy, then you can pair your leggings with a cute fitted jacket or blazer. Typically, you can keep it black and white. Black leggings, white blazer, topped off with a large black or white scarf, and you're set you classy you.


The right kind of top to pair with your leggings is just as important as the right kind of shoes to wear with them. You can have on a nice shirt and a very nice pair of leggings, but pairing those two with the wrong type of footwear, is just a disaster, and one that can be easily avoided if some precautions are taken and some rules, adhered to. Since leggings are casual wear, then by extension, the shoes should be casual as well, like flats or tennis shoes or even boots. These shoes go with the leggings and keep it casual while looking good. If you are going with a dressy blazer or jacket, however, then you might want to go with pumps rather than more casual shoes.

During temperate weather, flats are a very good option to pair with your leggings. They can have pointed tips or round, they could be patterned or plain, just choose what you are most comfortable with. You must, however, stay away from flats with straps that go up to the ankle. In colder weather, you can go with boots, whether flat, wedged or those with heels, if the weather is cold and there is a possibility of encountering some snow, then boots are your to-go footwear.

If you want to try for a more fun look, while remaining casual, then you could wear a pair of low or high top converse. We’re at the end of the article and I hope that somehow, I have been able to answer whatever questions you may have had before you started reading. Leggings are amazing, and if you like leggings, you should know how to wear them so you look and feel good.